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PhD students

  • Resonances for the Dirac operator, Jimmy Kungsman, Uppsala University, 2008-2014.

  • Etudes de problemes anisotropiques nonlineaires et d'equations quasirelativisties de type Choquard, Frederic Zongo, Uppsala University, 2008-2013.

  • Rigorous results on nonlinear equations arising in Quantum Chemistry, Carlos Argaez, Dublin Institute of Technology, 2009-2013.

  • Selected Topics in Partial Differential Equations, Mattias Enstedt, Uppsala University, 2006-2011.

MSc students

  • Solutions to the Muller model in Quantum Chemistry, Ben Li, Uppsala University, 2012.

  • A geometric approach to stability of Matter, Stefan Hellander, Uppsala University, 2008.

  • Approximating resonances with the Complex Absorbing Potential method, Jimmy Kungsman, Uppsala University, 2008.

  • Maximal ionization of atoms and molecules in external magnetic fields, Tomas Johnson, Uppsala University, 2005.

  • Geometrical approach to inverse quantum scattering, Christophe Lacave, Uppsala University, 2004.

  • Functional calculus, Camille Illand, Uppsala University, 2004.

  • Atomic Schrodinger operator, Aurelien Monteillet, Uppsala University, 2004.

BSc students

  • Complex absorbing potential method: theory and implementation, Samuel Edwards, Uppsala University, 2011.

  • Mountain pass theorems with Ekeland's variational principle and an application to the semi-linear Dirichlet problem, Hazhar Ghaderi, Uppsala University, 2011.

  • Inverse quantum problem, Par Mattson, Uppsala University, 2011.